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Join us for Online Pilates Classes from anywhere in the world!

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

All you need is an internet connection, your mat and an hour of your time to dedicate to yourself!

Find a small space (in the lounge, your office, your hotel room or even in the garden), an internet connection, a connected device (laptop, phone, tablet), a mat (or a big towel) and you are ready to go!

The classes are held on Zoom. Please be ready to turn your camera on during the class to facilitate correction and a safe environment. The classes may sometime incorporate the use of small props such as balls or bands. Watch this space for more info on these soon.

No commute, no awkward changing rooms, no rush for a good spot to put your mat. Instead, be ready in seconds to enjoy one hour on your health pension plan!

What are you waiting for? Join Val at The Exhale Collective's Virtual Studio and start your Online Pilates' journey today!

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