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Corporate Wellness

Healthy employees are happy employees and happy employees build a strong workforce. 

Wellness Programs in the Workplace

Research has shown that wellness programs such as Pilates in the workplace can assist in the management of stress and anxiety as well as maintaining employee health and morale, and improving productivity and performance.

Pilates is an effective tool to combat back pain and postural problems that arise from extended periods sitting behind a desk.  

Pilates techniques require focus, concentration and breathing, making the class an excellent time out from the pressures of work. Employees leave a class feeling less stressed with an increase in energy, vitality, clarity and focus.

Office Chair
Pilates Class

How can the Exhale Collective Help?

Using first hand experience and Pilates techniques, the Exhale Collective can support your organisation on its wellness journey. Using various media such as:

  • Short Live or Recorded Online Classes

  • Short Tips Videos 

  • Onsite visits in the London areas


Get in touch today to tailor a Corporate Plan that works for your workforce!

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